What does a Locksmith and Safe Repairer do?

Repair and open locks; make keys; change locks and safe combinations; and install and repair safes.

Jobs Roles

  • Cut new or duplicate keys, using keycutting machines.
  • Keep records of company locks and keys.
  • Insert new or repaired tumblers into locks to change combinations.
  • Move picklocks in cylinders to open door locks without keys.
  • Disassemble mechanical or electrical locking devices, and repair or replace worn tumblers, springs, and other parts, using hand tools.
  • Repair and adjust safes, vault doors, and vault components, using hand tools, lathes, drill presses, and welding and acetylene cutting apparatus.
  • Install safes, vault doors, and deposit boxes according to blueprints, using equipment such as powered drills, taps, dies, truck cranes, and dollies.
  • Open safe locks by drilling.
  • Remove interior and exterior finishes on safes and vaults, and spray on new finishes.
  • Cut new or duplicate keys using impressions or code key machines.
  • Set up and maintain master key systems.
  • Install door hardware such as locks and closers.
  • Install alarm and electronic access systems.
  • Unlock cars and other vehicles.
, Anywhere 4 decades ago
, Anywhere 4 decades ago

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